I’ve been obsessed with big city skylines since I was kid, staring out the wide windows of my family’s caravan as we drove all over the country. The skyscrapers of Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and NYC represented power, life and creativity. Because of their iconic status, urban skylines tend to be over-represented in photography and artwork. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more ways to interpret them, and I’m trying my hand at a stencil of my hometown, Denver. Not exactly a legendary skyline, but it’s got a couple of unique structures (not to mention the Rocky Mountains) that make it worth a tribute.

I spent a lot of time giving the mountains texture.

I like how the different building types turned out.

I made this with five separate stencils: Mountains outline, mountains detail, clouds outline, city outline, city detail. The colors are Ivory white on dark gray.

This isn’t up in my Etsy shop yet, but once I clean it up I may throw it up there.

* Denverites, this isn’t meant to be a literal image of the skyline. I got the cash register building, Republic Plaza and the new Four Seasons, then made up the rest.